Xyrena’s first branded fragrance that features an openly gay athlete


Xyrena is launching first ever branded fragrance with a face of openly gay athlete. They announced that they are working together with Dalton Maldonado. Also, a share of the revenue from sales will go directly to “You Can Play” athletes LGBT organization.

Killian Wells, CEO of Xyrena reported: “We’re thrilled to be working with Dalton on this fragrance launch. He’s a brave young man. We want to reward his courage and sportsmanship by helping him share his story through an innovative product release.”

Maldonado, who is now 19 years old, was one of the most popular player in his basketball team in Kentucky state. as OutSports described, he was subject of abuse and harassment by members of enemy team while playing a basketball game. They called him names, and “I heard you are a faggot”. His teammates backed him up.

Xyrena made fragrance named “Formula 3”, which is Maldonado’s jersey number, with coloring of “basketball orange”.

As described by Xyrena, Formula 3 is a luxury Unisex Extrait de Parfum, “fresh athletic scent”. It holds major notes of grapefruit, star anise and bergamot. Grass and ozone notes are also included in the mix.

Xyrena wanted to label bottles with Maldonado’s yearbook photo, but yearbook photographer didn’t want to provide permission for use without any explanation. Instead, they will use design inspired by metallic gold trading card.


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