Winter is Coming: Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set


Between Tani’s sophisticated and sleek style and its top quality fabrics and super soft designs, the brand is an obvious pick to trust when picking a thermal set.

There is no better brand we can think of to supply a great thermal set than Tani. The Tani Thermaluxe is as thin as a second skin and one of the softest thermals you could ever hope for. This thermal set is so luxurious that although it will be meant for under your clothes, you’ll also feel just as comfortable lounging around the house in it on your days off.

The Tani Thermaluxe

The Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set also sets itself apart from other thermals by including anti-bacterial and natural deodorant components. It features a newly innovated nylon, called Nilit™. Nilit™ is like insulation for your body and actually captures and conserves your body heat, warming you from the inside out. But you won’t break out in a sweat because the Superfine® weave that Tani also incorporates into their thermal set will naturally wick moisture away.

Thermals are meant to comfort and warm you, and the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal set does just that, except Tani takes its thermal wear to the highest caliber. So stay warm, comfortable and fresh in this extraordinarily comfortable and functional thermal set!

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