VIDEO: Gay rugby ref Nigel Owens delivers epic put down to diving player


Gay rugby referee Nigel Owens, once again, delivers an epic put down to diving player.

British Lion’s star Stuart Hogg was diving in the clash during Scotland’s World Cup with South Africa at St James’ Park.

Owens told Hogg, the diving player, that: “Dive like that again, you can come back here in two weeks and play, not today.”

That was also a reference to football, that is normally played at St James’ park and infamous for player’s “dramatic” diving skills.

Watch the video here:

Owens is renowned as the best official in the world, and is famous for his one-lines during the heat of battle in important games.

He was praised for his firm, but yet fair refereeing on important games, and also highly respect individual in the rugby community.

However, Owens was a subject of homophobic abuse several times in the past. In March, a Welsh rugby fan, Endyr James, sent him a tweet containing homophobic slurs, during a face-to-face meeting.

Owens reported the tweet to the police, and arranged the meeting as a part of an Adult Community Resolution.

He was also a subject of homophobic abuse back in November, at Twickenham. But offenders were swiftly banned and fined.

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