undertøj Le Blue Collection Needs Your Support on Kickstarter


Most people have had an idea for a product, or just a dream, goal, or aspiration they’ve wanted to reach. How do they reach these goals? With hard work, dedication, and a little support from friends and colleagues. Are you one of these people? Do you dream big? Then help undertøj bring their goal to fruition and back their Kickstarter.

If you do decide to back their Kickstarter, you won’t be left empty handed. Backers will have the opportunity to pre-order the new collection and might even be invited to Holland for a photo shoot.

This reliably chic brand is currently creating a new line, the Le Blue collection, and are asking for help with this new endeavor via Kickstarter. They’re only ten days from reaching their goal.

This brand produces boxer shorts that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking sharp. Each style offers cool, breathable cotton topped off with added stretch for a delicious body-defining fit.

undertøj has set their goal at 3,000 Euros or 3,417 US Dollars. At 2,419 Euro, or $2,755 so far, undertøj has reached roughly 80 percent of their goal, which is a great accomplishment!

Will you become a backer of undertøj Kickstarter Update? Tell us in the comments below.

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