The Pattern Breaker: Croota Hipster


All of Croota’s hipsters are awesomely stylish yet unconventional uses of color. You won’t find another brand that can make brown underwear look so good.

The print on the Croota Pattern Break Hipsters comes close to something cute and floral. Making the Crotta Pattern Breaker Hipster even more stylish is the silver satin logo on the waistband. It adds a small amount of flash and a fancy edge to an otherwise casual look.

Add to that contrasting white seams for a touch of structure and athleticism, and you’re wearing a pair of underwear with unique style. They fit like a dream, thanks to seams that give it a more flattering shape.

The Purple colorway also looks great against and skin tone, adding to the pair’s overall pop. The same goes for the narrow blue stripe across the elastic. It balances out the pairs bright colors and draws attention to the subtle lettering above the pouch. Blink and you’ll miss it, but this is a pair worth staring at.

Croota also has a contrasting seat that’s more visible from the back – a sexy design trait and a sporty one at that. But one thing the Pattern Breaker Hipster benefits from, compared to other hipsters, is that it isn’t that trendy.

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