Tom Bosworth: Gay Race Walker Opens Up Publicly


The Team GB athlete and UK record holder for a 20km walk, recently came out as gay publicly. He decided to speak up and explain what kind of a homophobic abuse he was suffering during his time at school in Tunbridge Wells.

He wrote for the BBC Sport blog, describing how during a local athletes competitions as a junior, he experienced homophobic taunts including “fag” and “queer”.

He stated: “Sometimes, you have to be a bit thick-skinned about it all and I learned that lesson, sometimes literally, in school.”

Bosworth described: ““When I was 15 or 16, I thought I was gay and somehow word got around in school, leading to a really difficult period in my life. Teenagers can be really nasty and half the time they don’t even realise what they’re saying. It’s just ignorance, I guess.”

A group of lads used to gang up on me and the worst episode came when they smashed my head through a window after a run-in.”

He added: “I decided not to tell anyone about it, so my parents or teachers didn’t know.”

I guess I was more worried about people blaming me than the students but I had the support of my friends to get me through that tough time.”

Bosworth even expressed that he feels no anger towards the bullies who targeted him at school, saying: “I don’t expect any apology from them. I don’t think they knew what they were doing or what they were saying.”

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