North Moore Short overfunded on Kickstarter

rsz_Northe_Moore_Short-w510 The North Moore Short is athlete’s clothes, featuring two water-resistant compression pockets. One larger pocket for a phone to fit in perfectly, and a smaller one for cash, credit cards or keys. Start up was overfunded by 400 percent on Kickstarter, collecting $122,000 and additional $15,000 in seed loans. In total, they sold out 3,300 pairs of shorts. The shorts is holding a price tag of $45, and it’s available in four styles at the moment. They said they are focused only on male customers. “You are now free to run, jump, pull up, push up, sprint and pick up some beers on the way home… only if you’ve earned it.” - claimed on their website. The North Moore Short, as described by Terry White, is “not your dad’s jock strap”, and explains that this shorts will hold anything a guy would need to carry on the go. He also stated: “Once we raise our first round of funding, I suspect that it will take about six months to reach profitability.” Watch Terry White pitch his shorts to Alicia Syrett, board member of the New York Angels, Patrick Chung, founding partner of seed stage venture firm, Xfund, and David Wu, general partner at VC firm, Maveron. Find out what they think about his shorts.

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