Masculine Aesthetic: Junk Underjeans


The brand’s masculine aesthetic is in check with the Junk Underjeans Smoke Trunk’s wide waistband, especially when you take the bold lettering into account.

It’s one of the more manly features a pair of underwear can have; it’s all about confidence and power. And not to mention, the word “JUNK” right above the pouch is a playful, humorous touch.

The new Junk Underjeans Smoke Trunk is designed with a handsome balance of heather grey and a pop of red on the wide waistband. The waistband itself is worth mention and praise.

Unlike other pairs of Junk Underjeans underwear, the Smoke Trunk is part of the Junk X line. The Junk X line is signified not just with the Junk X waistband but also with a pouch that’s designed for men who need more room down in front.

Junk Underjeans is one of those rare brands that caters to both masculine and flashy sensibilities. Some of their underwear is designed with bright pops of neon, unique prints and even some sexy cut-outs in the front. Others are more discrete with color blocked designs and a true sense of full coverage.

Given the athletic grey and red designs, they would look irresistibly appealing under some black denim. You can also wear them with a look that’s a little sporty.

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