Levi’s underwear is our pick


There is no man that can say “I have enough of black briefs”. It is simply always not enough of them. Especially when it comes to black briefs with a little flash.

The Levi’s 200 Series Brief in black are perfect for every occasion. Black briefs are safe bet for a dating night, and they are just incredible as a pair for the daily grind. When you want to look amazing and sexy, but not too assuming, this is the right choice. This style filled with that classic American vibe, presented with a little red Levi’s logo.

Looking for one of the manliest underwear? Stop searching, here is the answer for your needs. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief is incredibly stylish, but in a classic way. And that red chain-stitch detail on the back screams brand’s denim spirit.

You can wear it and pair it with everything. The best is if you pair them with Levi’s denim, obviously. They are just made perfect to go together. Doesn’t matter if it is light wash pair, or darker shade of blue. You can play around with a various combinations. Let’s give you an idea. Try with a grey jeans to compliment the black underwear in a darker way. Or go with the timeless classic look, take white t-shirt and leather jacket. And add aviator sunglasses. Man, you would look hot!

Check out this Levi’s 200 Series Briefs, and tell us what you think, and how would you pair them.

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