Jor: For the Animal Lovers


The Jor updated their collection to celebrate our furry little friends! How people treat animals says a lot about their character.

If you are more of a tiger lover, or doggie lover, or maybe zebra lover, you will find something just right for you.

The Animal print styles feature various safari inspired prints, in beautiful silhouettes against bright colors.

The Animal Tank Top

This style features the print in the front and has “Jor Animal Lovers” printed on the back. This print is available in a boxer, a brief, a jockstrap, and a tanga.

The Tiger Tanga and The Tiger Jockstrap

Features the camo print with bright yellow accents in the piping and the waistband. This print consists of a tiger face and a star on top of camo print.

The Zebra Boxer and The Zebra Brief

Both feature a few zebras throughout the garment and are complemented by a grey waistband. The Zebra print styles feature a zebra with light pastel colors on the tank and blue and purple on the boxer and brief.

Jor has designed the “true love” print for doggie lovers. Each style has a light baby blue base, the tank features a dog’s face and “true love” on the front and some fun graphics on the back.

Jor-Animal-Lovers-1 Jor-Animal-Lovers-2 Jor-Animal-Lovers-3 Jor-Animal-Lovers-4 Jor-Animal-Lovers-5 Jor-Animal-Lovers-6 Jor-Animal-Lovers-7 Jor-Animal-Lovers-8 Jor-Animal-Lovers-9 Jor-Animal-Lovers-10 Jor-Animal-Lovers-11 Jor-Animal-Lovers-12 Jor-Animal-Lovers-13 Jor-Animal-Lovers-14 Jor-Animal-Lovers-15 Jor-Animal-Lovers-16 Jor-Animal-Lovers-17 Jor-Animal-Lovers-18 Jor-Animal-Lovers-19 Jor-Animal-Lovers-20 Jor-Animal-Lovers-21 Jor-Animal-Lovers-22 Jor-Animal-Lovers-23 Jor-Animal-Lovers-24 Jor-Animal-Lovers-25 Jor-Animal-Lovers-26 Jor-Animal-Lovers-27 Jor-Animal-Lovers-28 jor-animal-lovers-29 jor-animal-lovers-30

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