Hot Brisbane Hustlers Members Strip For New Calendar To Raise Fund For 2016 Bingham Cup

The Brisbane Hustlers released their first-ever calendar, in hope to raise funds that will support their club and its members on their way to 2016 Bingham Cup, which will be held in Nashville, USA.

This will be the club’s second attendance at the international competition, sometimes referred as the “World Cup of Gay Rugby”.

They said that local LGBTI organisations will also benefit from the calendar sale, because 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) and Open Doors Youth Service.

Dale Napier, player and club brand manager, said that photoshooting was exciting, saying: “Most of the guys were really nervous as they’ve never had a photo taken completely nude like this before - but once they saw how the images turned out they were ready to do it all again!”

Napier said that he didn’t want to follow standard calendar making style of photography, but wanted to better represent the club’s culture, so he decided to take colorful and striking imagery.

He stated: “Most fundraising calendars go for a black and white “artsy” feel. We wanted to completely blow that cliché out of the water and make it really unique.”

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