Gay rugby star Keegan Hirst have full support of his wife


Sara Hirst was stunned and shocked when first heard about that his husband comes out gay. She was mad at first, but now she is supportive and proud of his courage to come out public with his secret.


Batley Bulldogs rugby league star, Keegan Hirst, 27 years old - the first British rugby league player in history of sport to come out gay.

Keegan didn’t know how to confess to his wife, he only knew that he must do it, because holding this secret inside would tear him apart. When tried to inform his wife, it wasn’t an easy task. His wife thought that he was cheater her, but when she heard the truth, she was speechless, stunned.

He wanted to free himself from torment and come out public with his secret. Just a moments after it was printed, social media exploded. He was praised for his courage, called “gay hero”, and received support from famous people like Emma Watson, Antony Cotton and even Sir Elton John called him to admire his courage.

Sara Hirst was worried about her three kids and what they will think about that. as youngest kid was 3 years old, she goes to her oldest, 11 years old daughter saying: “Mummy and Daddy are getting divorced. Daddy might meet somebody new and it might be a boy or a girl.” She said that “her attitude has been very grown up, I’m proud of her.”


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