VIDEO: TERA – Bounce XXL – weaponised underwear

  rsz_TERA-Bounce_XXL-w510This trailer TERA - Bounce XXL is presenting the newest item added in TERA, the Inner Armor. Now, players are able to equip their characters in different underwear that will boost their stats and abilities. Both male and female characters can equip them, and it is a thing of sheer glory. In the trailer, you can see those hot men, and that little raccoon-panda thing, wearing tiny underwear while dancing and defeating monsters. You can clearly see how their bulges ripple and wave while dancing and destroying their enemies. TERA developers have really interesting approach to new things, and this is something especially different. This is their, by far, the best idea. And also, it gives a lot of options for future improvements. Imagine adding it’s own jiggle physic? Would be a lot of fun. Watch the trailer here and tell us what you think in the comment section below.