6 Jock styles to feel the breeze while working out

Boost Your Workout Sessions With Sheath Underwear


Since guys want to be able to perform a variety of workouts, one should also assume that they would like some variety in their underwear as well right? Well, Sheath boxers are available in five different colors, one for each day of your work week!

These 5 reasons are why Sheath Underwear will take your workout to the next level.

#1 Most well-rounded, active guys like variety in their workout routines, it’s healthy and less boring. Sheath has designed their styles to work with you in most activities, so you won’t have to hold yourself back.


#2 High Intensity activities usually come along with sweating. Each style is designed to reduce heat, avoid sticking and wick away unwanted sweat while you work hard, making it easier to workout or perform outdoor activities for longer periods of time.


#3 Sheath boxer styles all feature a special Anatomical Isolation Pouch that places your boys in a special pouch, pulling your package away from your thighs to avoid sweating and chafing.


#4 Sheath Boxers move with you even when you’re feeling your most stretched out. The cotton elastic blend fabric will hold it’s shape and contour to your body for the closest fit and maximum mobility.


#5 Sheath has worked tirelessly to bring you a pair of boxers that will keep you comfortable and supported. Their technical designs will have you feeling both throughout your workout.


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Gus Kenworthy – World Best Freeskier: “I’m Gay”


In an interview with ESPN The Magazine that was done in September, but published just recently, Gus Kenworthy came out as gay.

Gus Kenworthy (24) is one of the best freeskiers in the world and Olympic silver medalist in Sochi 2014.

He said that he knew that he is gay since the age of 5, but was keeping at as a secret. He started coming out to family and closest friends two years ago.

Kenworthy told ESPN The Magazine: "I never got to be proud of what I did in Sochi because I felt so horrible about what I didn't do. I didn't want to come out as the silver medalist from Sochi. I wanted to come out as the best freeskier in the world."

While in Sochi, after winning the silver medal, he captured headlines when he adopted five stray puppies that had been living outside an Olympic media center. A photo of him cuddling with five stray puppies went viral on the internet, and he gained a huge number of followers on social media.

Kenworthy expressed that he is worried how this action will affect his sports career. He said: "They say it's a community of individuals and everyone is doing their own thing and it's not a team sport, so you get to be yourself. But you don’t really.”

Everyone wears a Red Bull or Monster or Rockstar cap, a T-shirt and jeans and skate shoes. Everyone drives the same type of car and listens to the same kind of music. The industry isn't the most embracing of someone who's different. I'm nervous about that."

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Hot Brisbane Hustlers Members Strip For New Calendar To Raise Fund For 2016 Bingham Cup

The Brisbane Hustlers released their first-ever calendar, in hope to raise funds that will support their club and its members on their way to 2016 Bingham Cup, which will be held in Nashville, USA.

This will be the club’s second attendance at the international competition, sometimes referred as the “World Cup of Gay Rugby”.

They said that local LGBTI organisations will also benefit from the calendar sale, because 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) and Open Doors Youth Service.

Dale Napier, player and club brand manager, said that photoshooting was exciting, saying: “Most of the guys were really nervous as they’ve never had a photo taken completely nude like this before - but once they saw how the images turned out they were ready to do it all again!”

Napier said that he didn’t want to follow standard calendar making style of photography, but wanted to better represent the club’s culture, so he decided to take colorful and striking imagery.

He stated: “Most fundraising calendars go for a black and white “artsy” feel. We wanted to completely blow that cliché out of the water and make it really unique.”

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Tom Bosworth: Gay Race Walker Opens Up Publicly


The Team GB athlete and UK record holder for a 20km walk, recently came out as gay publicly. He decided to speak up and explain what kind of a homophobic abuse he was suffering during his time at school in Tunbridge Wells.

He wrote for the BBC Sport blog, describing how during a local athletes competitions as a junior, he experienced homophobic taunts including “fag” and “queer”.

He stated: “Sometimes, you have to be a bit thick-skinned about it all and I learned that lesson, sometimes literally, in school.”

Bosworth described: ““When I was 15 or 16, I thought I was gay and somehow word got around in school, leading to a really difficult period in my life. Teenagers can be really nasty and half the time they don’t even realise what they’re saying. It’s just ignorance, I guess.”

A group of lads used to gang up on me and the worst episode came when they smashed my head through a window after a run-in.”

He added: “I decided not to tell anyone about it, so my parents or teachers didn’t know.”

I guess I was more worried about people blaming me than the students but I had the support of my friends to get me through that tough time.”

Bosworth even expressed that he feels no anger towards the bullies who targeted him at school, saying: “I don’t expect any apology from them. I don’t think they knew what they were doing or what they were saying.”

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Xyrena’s first branded fragrance that features an openly gay athlete


Xyrena is launching first ever branded fragrance with a face of openly gay athlete. They announced that they are working together with Dalton Maldonado. Also, a share of the revenue from sales will go directly to “You Can Play” athletes LGBT organization.

Killian Wells, CEO of Xyrena reported: “We’re thrilled to be working with Dalton on this fragrance launch. He’s a brave young man. We want to reward his courage and sportsmanship by helping him share his story through an innovative product release.”

Maldonado, who is now 19 years old, was one of the most popular player in his basketball team in Kentucky state. as OutSports described, he was subject of abuse and harassment by members of enemy team while playing a basketball game. They called him names, and “I heard you are a faggot”. His teammates backed him up.

Xyrena made fragrance named “Formula 3”, which is Maldonado’s jersey number, with coloring of “basketball orange”.

As described by Xyrena, Formula 3 is a luxury Unisex Extrait de Parfum, “fresh athletic scent”. It holds major notes of grapefruit, star anise and bergamot. Grass and ozone notes are also included in the mix.

Xyrena wanted to label bottles with Maldonado’s yearbook photo, but yearbook photographer didn’t want to provide permission for use without any explanation. Instead, they will use design inspired by metallic gold trading card.


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