Levi’s underwear is our pick


There is no man that can say “I have enough of black briefs”. It is simply always not enough of them. Especially when it comes to black briefs with a little flash.

The Levi’s 200 Series Brief in black are perfect for every occasion. Black briefs are safe bet for a dating night, and they are just incredible as a pair for the daily grind. When you want to look amazing and sexy, but not too assuming, this is the right choice. This style filled with that classic American vibe, presented with a little red Levi’s logo.

Looking for one of the manliest underwear? Stop searching, here is the answer for your needs. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief is incredibly stylish, but in a classic way. And that red chain-stitch detail on the back screams brand’s denim spirit.

You can wear it and pair it with everything. The best is if you pair them with Levi’s denim, obviously. They are just made perfect to go together. Doesn’t matter if it is light wash pair, or darker shade of blue. You can play around with a various combinations. Let’s give you an idea. Try with a grey jeans to compliment the black underwear in a darker way. Or go with the timeless classic look, take white t-shirt and leather jacket. And add aviator sunglasses. Man, you would look hot!

Check out this Levi’s 200 Series Briefs, and tell us what you think, and how would you pair them.

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Camo Underwear: Manly-man style


Hands down, camouflage prints are the most manliest print you can get. It is often incorrectly classified as unfashionable and a little too niche. However, dressed in full camouflage print, to look like a hunter, is not really smart idea. But in small doses, it gives incredibly powerful punch to your underwear. Look at this photoshooting down, and you will be sure how this camo print can be sexy and stylish.

In this photoshooting session, model Shawn Alexander is wearing six pairs of camo underwear. Being sexy and stylish in briefs, boxer briefs, in two trunks, thong and in a pair of long underwear. All types of underwear look amazingly good in this manly-man style.

The common colors of camo print are forest green and muddy browns - earth related colors. But sometimes they are given a trendy flare. Clean design gives them more military aesthetic.

Diesel, Aware Soho and Wood all feature underwear that is inspired by wilderness. Diesel’s are the darkest one, and probably the manliest one you can find. Aware Soho features camo underwear with a sporty twist, contrasting black with bold white text. Wood goes with Digital Camo print style, with black waistband and their orange brand name looks just perfect on them.

Take a look at this photoshooting, and tell us what you think about Camo Underwear.

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Cocksox Activewear will help you keep your body tight

Winter is Coming: Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set


Between Tani’s sophisticated and sleek style and its top quality fabrics and super soft designs, the brand is an obvious pick to trust when picking a thermal set.

There is no better brand we can think of to supply a great thermal set than Tani. The Tani Thermaluxe is as thin as a second skin and one of the softest thermals you could ever hope for. This thermal set is so luxurious that although it will be meant for under your clothes, you’ll also feel just as comfortable lounging around the house in it on your days off.

The Tani Thermaluxe

The Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set also sets itself apart from other thermals by including anti-bacterial and natural deodorant components. It features a newly innovated nylon, called Nilit™. Nilit™ is like insulation for your body and actually captures and conserves your body heat, warming you from the inside out. But you won’t break out in a sweat because the Superfine® weave that Tani also incorporates into their thermal set will naturally wick moisture away.

Thermals are meant to comfort and warm you, and the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal set does just that, except Tani takes its thermal wear to the highest caliber. So stay warm, comfortable and fresh in this extraordinarily comfortable and functional thermal set!

Share your opinion about the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set in the comment section below.

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Fall’s Best Stripes Collection: Nautical Look


Introduced by Coco Chanel, it quickly became a signature in the fashion house. Its influence can be seen in all aspects of fashion in modern day ready to wear and accessories, even trickling down to your underwear.

Here are six hottest styles of this season, worn by model Kai Braden.

Tani’s Silkcut Stripe Trunk is crafted to be luxuriously soft and lightweight with extraordinary resiliency to keep up with your daily routine. Made out of Micro Modal Air fabric, this pair is thinner and even softer than silk. Its stretchable fabric recovers as it hugs your body in a comfortable way.

The Cocksox CX76 Sports Brief features stripes of colored yarn woven into a pattern expertly crafted in the right weight, width and color for the perfect fit and style, created in a custom weave fabric designed especially by Cocksox.

The Teamm8 Stadium Brief has a comfortable blend of high quality cotton and elastane for ultimate comfort and support. Its wide metallic waistband feature complements the solid color, and its navy and white striped print on either sides takes the look to the next level.

The Drake & Hutch navy Bengal Stripe Boxer Brief features a classic stripe from a modern British brand, providing a classically tailored look. Their bengal designs evenly alternated stripe has been paired with a navy waistband and hidden pouch.

Clever’s Termoli Boxer combines the softness of cotton with high-tech microfiber fabric to give you a sleek, body-defining fit with amazing comfort for all-day style and support to make you feel great.

Aware Soho expertly crafted brief, created for ultimate comfort while featuring a spacious front pouch and an extra soft elastic band, all in a breathable cotton.

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undertøj Le Blue Collection Needs Your Support on Kickstarter


Most people have had an idea for a product, or just a dream, goal, or aspiration they’ve wanted to reach. How do they reach these goals? With hard work, dedication, and a little support from friends and colleagues. Are you one of these people? Do you dream big? Then help undertøj bring their goal to fruition and back their Kickstarter.

If you do decide to back their Kickstarter, you won’t be left empty handed. Backers will have the opportunity to pre-order the new collection and might even be invited to Holland for a photo shoot.

This reliably chic brand is currently creating a new line, the Le Blue collection, and are asking for help with this new endeavor via Kickstarter. They’re only ten days from reaching their goal.

This brand produces boxer shorts that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking sharp. Each style offers cool, breathable cotton topped off with added stretch for a delicious body-defining fit.

undertøj has set their goal at 3,000 Euros or 3,417 US Dollars. At 2,419 Euro, or $2,755 so far, undertøj has reached roughly 80 percent of their goal, which is a great accomplishment!

Will you become a backer of undertøj Kickstarter Update? Tell us in the comments below.

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Perfect Choice: Fall’s Finest Grey Underwear


Designers are all getting on the grey trend bandwagon and featuring more and more of the color in their designs.

You can’t go wrong with fall’s finest grey underwear. Whether you’re looking for a boxer brief, brief, trunk or long john, we have seen this trend featured in them all.

Calvin Klein’s Magnetic Force Micro Boxer Brief is the ultimate in style and comfort while maintaining support and coverage in a solid charcoal, tonal stitching and dual tone waistband for a chic style.

Comfortable Boxers Co.’s new Bliss collection is definitely one of fall’s finest grey underwear collections. This collection claims to introduce the ultimate interpretation of the word comfort, featuring soft modal fabric, tagless design, covered waistband and new fly, all in a sleek design.

The Vanwolff Alexander low-rise brief is another instant classic and one of the fall’s finest grey underwear that features a single seam pouch.

Icebreaker adds a fresh take on an old classic with their Anatomica boxer brief with fly and thin stripes. This pair is highly breathable and stretchable and with a touch of Lycra, makes the briefs the ultimate in comfort and support.

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Boost Your Workout Sessions With Sheath Underwear


Since guys want to be able to perform a variety of workouts, one should also assume that they would like some variety in their underwear as well right? Well, Sheath boxers are available in five different colors, one for each day of your work week!

These 5 reasons are why Sheath Underwear will take your workout to the next level.

#1 Most well-rounded, active guys like variety in their workout routines, it’s healthy and less boring. Sheath has designed their styles to work with you in most activities, so you won’t have to hold yourself back.


#2 High Intensity activities usually come along with sweating. Each style is designed to reduce heat, avoid sticking and wick away unwanted sweat while you work hard, making it easier to workout or perform outdoor activities for longer periods of time.


#3 Sheath boxer styles all feature a special Anatomical Isolation Pouch that places your boys in a special pouch, pulling your package away from your thighs to avoid sweating and chafing.


#4 Sheath Boxers move with you even when you’re feeling your most stretched out. The cotton elastic blend fabric will hold it’s shape and contour to your body for the closest fit and maximum mobility.


#5 Sheath has worked tirelessly to bring you a pair of boxers that will keep you comfortable and supported. Their technical designs will have you feeling both throughout your workout.


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Andrew Christians models look “Hot N’ Bothered”

In a recently released video by Andrew Christian, “Hot N’ Bothered” is featuring their models while doing home renovation, in “construction site zone” theme, looking incredibly hot and sexy. Topher DiMaggio and Cory Zwierzynski are looking as hot as ever, as do the rest of close-to-naked guys.

Andrew Christian’s models in this video, get “hot and bothered” while doing some manual labor. Watch out, because after watching this video, it might change your idea of dream home renovation, forever.

Watch the video here

Some more photos to add for you pleasure:

andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-2 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-9-e1411750219733 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-12 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-22-e1411750212573 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-26 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-29-e1411750207251 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-31-e1411750201933 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-37 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-40 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-46 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-54 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-56 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-57 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-61 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-65-e1411750194222 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-67 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-74 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-88 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-89 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-94 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-100 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-102 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-111 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-112 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-116 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-120 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-122 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-125 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-127 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-128 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-131 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-135 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-136 andrew-christian-hot-n-bothered-146

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Try Out a Pair of Graphic Print Underwear


Some of our favorite brands feature trunks and briefs with beautiful and striking graphic design images. From lions to knotted guns, this simple list has a quirky and innovative selection for you to choose from.


If briefs are more your thing, Stonemen features striking designs and prints in their brief collection. Their men’s Lion Brief is both a mysterious and regal example of great graphic print underwear. These retro and fierce briefs are one-of-a-kind and also supremely comfortable. These briefs are sure to leave an impression with their remarkable design.


Croota is another brand that has always delivered amazing graphic print underwear designs! Keeping in tandem with the Jungle Theme, Croota features the Limited Edition Tiger seamless boxer. The boxer displays a large tiger that carries onto the rear of the boxer and a small kangaroo with a Croota logo on the left thigh. Also important to note, these seamless boxers include that “second skin” Croota touch.


This Japanese brand is known for awesome graphic print underwear, and their Vegevege trunk is no exception! These trunks feature an assortment of pears floating on a vibrant purple background. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that the Vegevege collection has moisture wicking properties, making these trunks both practical and fun.

Frank Dandy

The FDxNV Frank Dandy Knotted Gun Trunk is a part of the joint effort between Frank Dandy and the Non-Violence Movement to make the world a more colorful and peaceful place to live. Not only does this graphic print underwear display a great and powerful message against violence but the turquoise color and design create a very fashionable and unique undergarment.

graphic-print-underwear-4-w510 graphic-print-underwear-1-w510 graphic-print-underwear-2-w510 graphic-print-underwear-3-w510

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