By far, the hottest “Orthodox Priest” calendar

5616d5c814000024003c7d19-453x670 The 2016 is approaching fast, and as expected, makers of the annual Orthodox Priest calendar are surprising us this year too. They are releasing probably the most risky and one of the raciest images for their new calendar.   They wanted to send a powerful message against hate, so they are putting the priests in pretty provocative scenarios and using the appeal to provoke social change.   Magdalena De Iona, press representative, stated: “Art has long been one of the main channels for social change. What we stand for is true love and free will. And that makes us think one day we will find common ground, in a better world.”   Just looking at the first cover photo, you will notice on what level of risky we are talking about. You can notice Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill I, in a scene as each other’s brides, wearing just briefs and skimpy lingerie.   We are sharing the photos, and in the comment section, we would like to hear your opinion. 5616d5c81200002e007e4b57-447x670 5616d5c81200002e007e4b59-447x670 5616d5c91200002e007e4b5a-447x670 5616d5c81400002200c7982c-447x670 5616d5c91400002200c7982f-447x670

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