Autumn 2015 Collection: The Mundo Unico Asia

kabayakijockrear The new Mundo Unico Asia Collection for Autumn 2015 is simply incredible, and we are excited to share it with you! Check out this collection that includes seven printed designs with an amazing oriental flair.   The Yakushima Short Boxer   Red is considered as a good luck in China. This style features a gold waistband to accent the body’s deep red marsala floral print.   The Faysal Short Boxer   This style is designed with a koi fish print that features different blues with black and white to create a unique pair of underwear.   The Kabayaki Short Boxer   Similar in design as the Faysal Short Boxer, but more focused on the water instead the koi. The Kabayaki design is more turquoise than navy. This print is the only one that is available in a jock style.   The Shala and Sake Mundo Asia   This prints both work with shades of grey and feature elephants and bicycles. The Sake print is available in a longer mid boxer cut, too.   The Nanaya Short Boxer   This style features a rich purple color design with a geometric print.   The Calabazas Short Boxer   This style features an orange waistband and a black Halloween-themed design with jack-o-lanterns

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