Camo Underwear: Manly-man style


Hands down, camouflage prints are the most manliest print you can get. It is often incorrectly classified as unfashionable and a little too niche. However, dressed in full camouflage print, to look like a hunter, is not really smart idea. But in small doses, it gives incredibly powerful punch to your underwear. Look at this photoshooting down, and you will be sure how this camo print can be sexy and stylish.

In this photoshooting session, model Shawn Alexander is wearing six pairs of camo underwear. Being sexy and stylish in briefs, boxer briefs, in two trunks, thong and in a pair of long underwear. All types of underwear look amazingly good in this manly-man style.

The common colors of camo print are forest green and muddy browns - earth related colors. But sometimes they are given a trendy flare. Clean design gives them more military aesthetic.

Diesel, Aware Soho and Wood all feature underwear that is inspired by wilderness. Diesel’s are the darkest one, and probably the manliest one you can find. Aware Soho features camo underwear with a sporty twist, contrasting black with bold white text. Wood goes with Digital Camo print style, with black waistband and their orange brand name looks just perfect on them.

Take a look at this photoshooting, and tell us what you think about Camo Underwear.

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