Basketball assistant coach Chris Burns coming out as gay

rsz_coach-Chris-Burns-w510   Chris Burns used to play for Bryant from 2003 to 2007. This is his third year as an assistant coach under Tim O’Shea. Burns wrote a column for Outsports, in which he has come out as gay. He is now officially the first openly gay coach in Division I men’s basketball history.   In the column that he wrote for Outsports, he said: “I decided last year to attend the Nike LGBT Sports Summit. I met so many people there -- gay people in sports -- who made me finally realize that this day would come. To see that support group of people, who have all been working for so many years in sports, was incredibly powerful and inspiring.”   Burns concluded: “Being able to learn and talk with members from all parts of the LGBT community sank in just how important being able to tell my story would be, and how there is a responsibility that comes along with meeting these people and being in the positions that we are in the athletic world. The work of all the people who've come before me makes sharing my true self something that is a responsibility, not just a choice.”          

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