The ManView Craven Microfiber Collection

When picking the right underwear, you should have in mind for comfort and perfect fit, but when it comes to thongs and jocks, it is much more important. The new ManView Craven Microfiber collection of thongs and jocks are made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex microfiber, which forms a body-defining fit. These underwear styles will make you look sporty and sexy, but to look sexy you need to feel sexy. The spandex microfiber fabric is just perfect for that.

The ManView Craven Microfiber Thong features design to form defining fit that nicely shows your manly contours, and to form an ultra sleek.It also features very little rear coverage for an invisible look under clothes. Since this thong is so comfortable, it can be yours everyday wear. The thong also features a center-seamed pouch for excellent support and definition, and a wide elastic logo waistband.

The ManView Craven Microbfiber Jock features coverage only where it is needed, you can wear these for fashion and function with a sporty edge, because of an athletic support. This jock style also features wide straps for an extra athletic support and look, with just a little coverage. Both the thong and jock are available in either red or black.

Here are some photos of The ManView Craven Microfiber collection.

manview-craven-microfiber-3 manview-craven-microfiber-4 manview-craven-microfiber-1 manview-craven-microfiber-2

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Amazing 6 Fall Season Underwear Collections


We recently said goodbye to warm weather, and welcomed a cold and rainy season. Everything is changing, and our underwear should follow too. Here are six awesome fall season collections that you should consider when updating your underwear drawer.

Aware Soho: This collections features lively colors, stripes and patterns that will mae you look and feel good. This fall’s Underwear Collection will make your manly thighs look amazing in classic cuts.

teamm8: If you prefer sporty styles in stripes and vibrant colors, and you are also active guy who doesn’t like restricting underwear, this is must-have for you. Take a look at this Stadium Collection.

Frank Dandy: Join the fight against violence in the Non-Violence Collection. Slip into one of these styles and fight for a more peaceful world! Each style stresses peace and stricter gun control, messages that the Non-Violence Movement stresses heavily.

BodyAware: If you are brave and like to experiment with a unique styles, especially when it comes to impress your partner, check out the Undercover Bodysuit. This tight body suit will show off your masculinity, and a snap pouch will fit your member perfectly. Unsnap it for some sexytime!

Bear Skn: These are also perfect for larger men, since sizes go up to 4XL. In this Neon Collection, these black and neon combinations will be a fun change from your ordinary underwear styles.

Palmacea: Swim Short Trunks Collection are perfect for your tropical vacation. These loose fitting colorful swim shorts will give you enough room to move around and be active while not giving up a stylish edge!

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Which of these two sexy sportsmen woudl you take home

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Hot Brisbane Hustlers Members Strip For New Calendar To Raise Fund For 2016 Bingham Cup

The Brisbane Hustlers released their first-ever calendar, in hope to raise funds that will support their club and its members on their way to 2016 Bingham Cup, which will be held in Nashville, USA.

This will be the club’s second attendance at the international competition, sometimes referred as the “World Cup of Gay Rugby”.

They said that local LGBTI organisations will also benefit from the calendar sale, because 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) and Open Doors Youth Service.

Dale Napier, player and club brand manager, said that photoshooting was exciting, saying: “Most of the guys were really nervous as they’ve never had a photo taken completely nude like this before - but once they saw how the images turned out they were ready to do it all again!”

Napier said that he didn’t want to follow standard calendar making style of photography, but wanted to better represent the club’s culture, so he decided to take colorful and striking imagery.

He stated: “Most fundraising calendars go for a black and white “artsy” feel. We wanted to completely blow that cliché out of the water and make it really unique.”

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Do you wear pink underwear briefs

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Tom Bosworth: Gay Race Walker Opens Up Publicly


The Team GB athlete and UK record holder for a 20km walk, recently came out as gay publicly. He decided to speak up and explain what kind of a homophobic abuse he was suffering during his time at school in Tunbridge Wells.

He wrote for the BBC Sport blog, describing how during a local athletes competitions as a junior, he experienced homophobic taunts including “fag” and “queer”.

He stated: “Sometimes, you have to be a bit thick-skinned about it all and I learned that lesson, sometimes literally, in school.”

Bosworth described: ““When I was 15 or 16, I thought I was gay and somehow word got around in school, leading to a really difficult period in my life. Teenagers can be really nasty and half the time they don’t even realise what they’re saying. It’s just ignorance, I guess.”

A group of lads used to gang up on me and the worst episode came when they smashed my head through a window after a run-in.”

He added: “I decided not to tell anyone about it, so my parents or teachers didn’t know.”

I guess I was more worried about people blaming me than the students but I had the support of my friends to get me through that tough time.”

Bosworth even expressed that he feels no anger towards the bullies who targeted him at school, saying: “I don’t expect any apology from them. I don’t think they knew what they were doing or what they were saying.”

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Do you weer jockstraps and harness under your suit

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Autumn 2015 Collection: The Mundo Unico Asia

kabayakijockrear The new Mundo Unico Asia Collection for Autumn 2015 is simply incredible, and we are excited to share it with you! Check out this collection that includes seven printed designs with an amazing oriental flair.   The Yakushima Short Boxer   Red is considered as a good luck in China. This style features a gold waistband to accent the body’s deep red marsala floral print.   The Faysal Short Boxer   This style is designed with a koi fish print that features different blues with black and white to create a unique pair of underwear.   The Kabayaki Short Boxer   Similar in design as the Faysal Short Boxer, but more focused on the water instead the koi. The Kabayaki design is more turquoise than navy. This print is the only one that is available in a jock style.   The Shala and Sake Mundo Asia   This prints both work with shades of grey and feature elephants and bicycles. The Sake print is available in a longer mid boxer cut, too.   The Nanaya Short Boxer   This style features a rich purple color design with a geometric print.   The Calabazas Short Boxer   This style features an orange waistband and a black Halloween-themed design with jack-o-lanterns

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Tighy whity speedos are always so sexy

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Why i like jockstraps

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men briefs, men jockstraps; men boxers, men underwear

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